Not A Moment Too Loose
C3 Gallery, Abottsford, Melbourne, 2014
A4 paper, lever-arch folders, packing tape, pens, manila folder, bull-dog clips, waste paper basket, picture frames, tea bags, rulers, ceramic cup, staples, compact disk, tape, pins
In this series there is a play between 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional work. The intention was to produce quickly made sculptures from readily sourced office supplies. By folding, taping, sticking and re-arranging, these everyday (mostly flat) materials were imbued with the hope they could transcend their common origins. An example of this can be seen in some framed A4 wall works made with photo-paper and sticky tape. After exploring online user tutorials, home-made graphene (an atomic level 2-dimensional material) was created with sticky tape and lead pencil.
This work continues  broader investigation into how internationalised cultural systems affect our individual and lived environments. In this case, the focus was office supplies.