Luke K Adams' contemporary art practice aesthetically draws on 20th century minimalism and conceptual art, yet quickly departs from their inherent conventions (often with a sense of humour) by making references to various forms of consumerism. This approach places the intention of the work more relative to the aims of Realism and Pop-art. Via a cross-discipline multi-genre approach, Adams is concerned with the various impacts of globalisation; especially in terms of how the global community influences our sense of aesthetic, spirituality and morality, both inside and outside of the 'home'.


Adams often uses opposites to represent the complexity of living in a global community; such as abstraction vs realism, original vs facsimile, sublime vs banal. His work consciously rests amongst the clouded intersections between painting, sculpture, and       architecture. He combines mechanical systems, videos, consumer items, paintings, photography, and sculptural works. Here, the conventions of the various forms of art are tested against each other. Adams seeks to take us to the edge of one boundary only to discover another.


Initially trained as a painter, Adams completed his undergraduate degree in sculpture and spatial practice at RMIT University. He recently completed a Masters of Fine Art by Research at the Victorian College of the Arts and was co-founder and long-term board member of Artery Cooperative Limited (2001-13)—a professional environment for contemporary artists in Northcote, Melbourne. He was born in Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia in 1974. Adams now lives and works between Melbourne and Geelong, Victoria.

 © 2021 by Luke K Adams. All images courtesy of the artist.