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Artist Statement

A sense of duality, occupies my artwork. I see my practice like any meaningful relationship. It is the need to balance strong forces. When there are convictions and needs, there is conflict and reconciliation; all striving together. Within my works, I look for flux and interplay between elements, in which, I can explore moments of cultural and visual discord. These are channeled from the broader world and my own idiosyncratic responses.


I work across painting, sculpture, installation, photography, video and kinetic works. This diversity also includes stylistic shifts across traditional, experimental and contemporary styles. I often use humour to connect disparate ideas. My overall aim is to stimulate a sense of wonder, impart a sense of adventure, and to influence the viewer (including myself) towards a greater sense of complex engagement; where playfulness and experimentation can be a path towards re-evaluating our own biases, beliefs and relationships to the broader world.



Initially trained as a painter, I completed an undergraduate degree in Sculpture and Spatial Practice at RMIT University, and more recently completed a Masters of Fine Art by Research at the Victorian College of the Arts. I was co-founder and long-term board member of an artist-run-initiative, and have worked in various professional roles within the visual arts sector. I was born in 1974, and now live and work between Geelong and Melbourne in Victoria, Australia.

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