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An Inspirational Design-utopia, 2018. Wood, vinyl, acrylic paint, Formica, video projector, canvas, video and sound.
Exhibited at VCA's Artspace Gallery, Southbank, Melbourne.
Final presentation for Master of Fine Art (Research).

An Inspirational Democratic Design-utopia explores our relationship to designer culture and aspirations of cultural change within a global underclass. The project explores notions of international modes of display in three parts; painting on canvas, the living room, and the white cube gallery. This exploration considers how established systems of display can be both uplifting and inspirational, giving a sense of refined sophistication—yet they are often copied and reproduced, shared and copied again. 

This artwork aims to sit between the boundaries of painting, sculpture, architecture and design. Conceptually, the artwork references the contemporary designer home, the white-cube gallery, and places of worship, in conjunction with events and shifts in visual art (especially painting) throughout the mid-twentieth century. 

IMG_9125-1 flat.jpg
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