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Grilling Fred Williams, 2013.

Mixed Media: Acrylic paint, barbecue, tomato sauce bottles, ceiling fan, plastic ruler, twine, white bread, yeast extract, butter

Filmed and Exhibited at Artery Co-op Studios, Northcote VIC
fred williams performance art painting
Grilling Fred Williams: More info

Margarine, white bread and yeast extract are smeared in small clumps on a two tone wall mural. The clumping style is a crude mimicry of the Australian landscape painter Fred Williams and references the abstracted forms he used to render trees and rocks.

In the foreground is a smoking portable barbecue. Above a plastic student ruler is attached to a ceiling fan that 
produces a haunting meditative soundtrack. Tomato sauce bottles drip a clear fluid that produce hissing sounds and puffs of smoke that rise into the ceiling fan above. The artists attire is a combination of a studio painter and a resident from a sub-tropical climate, possibly from somewhere in coastal NSW, near the mid north coast.

The simplistic referencing of Williams' painting style is combined with signifiers of jingoistic ideas of national identity. Combined, these elements produce my own idiosyncratic cultural ritual. In which, moments of informal food sharing and leisure are questioned and elevated into a form of cultural activity.
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